Συναυλία με το Μουσικό Άλεξ Ηλιόπουλο

Πέμπτη, Σεπτέμβριος 21, 2023 - 19:00 εώς 20:00
Κατηγορία Κράτησης: 
Occult Stereo embraces aural freedom in many forms, from ambient loop-driven soundscapes to fuzz-guitar freakouts and drone-like psychedelic oceans. OS is a solo project from Alex Eliopoulos - a Greek-American guitarist & multi-instrumentalist who combines experimental, psych, and art rock influences in spontaneous ways.
Live, OS occupies a unique space between freeform, raga-like improvisation and more conventional song structure. Dual guitar & bass amplifiers provide a full-spectrum sonic wash to listeners, creating an otherworldly vibe when combined with live looping and manipulation of beats, electronics, and voice.
Occult Stereo released Plasma on 12” vinyl in 2020 - which features impromptu contributions from musicians & friends in the US and globally - to positive reviews. The LP's release was followed by a whirlwind relocation from the USA to Europe. In 2021, OS released a digital EP - Free Roam Syndrome / Zero Sum.
Alex has previously shared stages with an eclectic array of artists like Azalia Snail, The Veldt, Ava Mendoza, 3 Leafs, Naxatras, Avi Buffalo, Coastlands, Death Hawks and Clipd Beaks. His music has received US west coast radio airplay on KALX, KZSU, and KFJC, and KOCF.



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