The Library of Kalambaka is the first Library in Greece to acquire the Museum-Kits from the Museum of Cycladic Art. The Museum-Kits are suitcases that contain copies of objects, educational material and art games and following communication with the personnel they can be lent as they were designed so that there is the possibility to travel from one school to another.

Museum-Kit 1: Cycladic Civilization. The printed material for the educator, the slides, the books, the educational games, but mainly the exact copies of figurines, utensils and schools offer students the opportunity to know the civilization that was developed in the Cyclades in the 3rd millennium B.C.

Museum-Kit 2: Ancient Greek Pottery. The copies of black-figure and red-figure vessels, the printed material, the slides, the educational games help the student learn how the vessels were made, the various decoration techniques, as well as their shapes and names.

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