Comics Workshop

Εργαστήριο Κόμικς για Ενήλικες 1

Date & Time

From 10/09/2020 to 10/09/2020, everyday
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



From September 10 and every Thursday, the Comics workshop for teenagers and adults starts at the Library. In this workshop we will learn how to visually tell a story through the ninth art, as Comics have been characterized. An art loved but also misunderstood, but so communicative and direct! The topics that will concern the participants are:  Summary of the history and origin of the Comics Learning how to tell a story visually The various design and illustration techniques How this kind of art has affected cinema, television and everyday life Creating characters and scenery Conversation with well-known comic writers The aim of the workshop is a first acquaintance with the ninth art and its possibilities and the creation of a simple story by the participants. For more information and registration, contact 24320-23041 or the Library service offices.
Hardware : High Definition Video Projectors, Interactive Whiteboard, Sound System, WiFi connection.
Participants : 73.