Library News

Published: June 2, 2023
The Library is pleased and honored to host lectures that will take place in the context of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Workshop "Meteora: a Unesco World Heritage Site", which is organized by Princeton University in the USA and the Diocesan Ac
Published: June 2, 2023
The literary journeys of the Adult Book Club have come to an end for another year! On Thursday 1/6, the last meeting of the members took place on the subject of the work of the well-known and beloved author Homer Avramidis.
Published: June 1, 2023
On Wednesday 31/5, an entries enrichment Wikipedia  workshop was held at the Library, organized by the "Meteora" Cultural Association and the Kalambaka Library.
Published: May 31, 2023
On the morning of Wednesday 31/5, we welcomed the 3rd and 5th Grade students of the Kalambaka 1st Primary School   to the Library, with the aim of implementing a workshop with Action Aid's 2P educational suitcase.
Published: May 30, 2023
On Monday, May 29, the well-known author Claire Theodorou visited the Library for the presentation of her new book entitled "Three Questions". Ms.
Published: May 29, 2023
On Monday, May 29, we welcomed the 1st grade students of the Kalambaka 4th Primary School  to the Library.