Message from Diana Demoulas Merriam

When I visited Greece with my family in 2008, I immediately experienced the connection my father felt for the people of Kalambaka. I decided then to follow in his footsteps and continue the tradition of helping Kalambaka. 

I have always had a strong belief in and love for education, which grew as my children began their journeys at school. I have served on the Boards of Boxford Elementary School Trust, Brooks School, and Eagle Hill School (all in Massachusetts, USA), and on the Parents’ Advisory Board at Colby College in Maine, USA. So, my inspiration in Kalambaka began when I visited the first primary school and saw an opportunity to which I could contribute. I donated some electronic equipment and books so the school could flourish. 

Over the years, I have spent countless hours reading to my children’s classes in their school libraries. Knowing how important books are in opening the minds of our children, and wanting to do more for the people of Kalambaka, the vision for Kalambaka Library was born.

I established the Kalambaka Educational, Literary, Cultural and Civil Not for Profit Company, (KDK) in 2012. KDK’s mission is to provide informational, educational, cultural and recreational services, both traditional and on line, to enhance the social, cultural and economic vitality of Kalambaka’s citizens.

On July 19th2015, which would have been my father’s 96th birthday, my dream became a reality when Kalambaka Library opened its doors. I am confident that this library will be a Beacon of Light offering education, access and opportunity to all.

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