The Exploration Children's Museum packs its suitcases and travels to Kalambaka!

On the occasion of the educational program "BOOK: pages that speak", children and teachers will have the opportunity to explore the history of books at the Kalambaka Library.
From the age of rock paintings to today's digital eBooks, the book is still the most important means of communication.
It tells stories of people from the past, records scientific discoveries, carries history and culture on its back, spreads ideas and dreams.
What, after all, is a book? What stories do we find in it? How can a book change the world?
With the help of the museum kit, we invite you to discover the value and importance of the book as an object through the ages. 
Guided by history itself, we explore the role of the book in each time period and how it has influenced events in world history: from the invention of the alphabet and paper, the development of illustration in the Middle Ages, the Enlightenment and the printing revolution, to the political upheavals of the Nazis, the evolution of Darwin's genres and digital applications.
The program is aimed at 4th, 5th and 6th graders, but is not limited to younger children. The activity is implemented under the auspices and support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and under the auspices of the Hellenic Centre for Cultural and Museum Education. The main communication sponsor is ERT.


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