The Kalampaka Library Joins the Battle for Breast Cancer Prevention

The Kalambaka Library's exterior was illuminated with pink - the color-symbol of breast cancer awareness, in collaboration with the Municipality of Meteora, from today until the end of October, wanting to offer a resounding message, that breast cancer is not invincible!
The month of October, since 1985, is dedicated to the prevention and information against the disease, while the 25th of October marks the World Breast Cancer Day.
Symbolic illumination reminds everyone of the importance of prevention and early diagnosis. Breast cancer when diagnosed in the early stages can be treated. Prophylaxis is an important "weapon" in the fight against cancer. So let's dedicate some of our time to prevention, which is the best treatment.
Many thanks to the Vice Mayor of Culture, Sports, Education and Social Welfare, Mr. Thomos Georgios.
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