Participation of the Kalambaka Library and the Meteora Municipality in the Celebration of the 200-Year-Anniversary of the Greek Revolution

The Kalambaka Library in collaboration with the Meteora Municipality is planning to carry out a series of activities in order to participate in the Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the 1821 Revolution. The aim of the project is to create a repository of oral testimonies that shall secure the preservation and promotion of local history.

Oral testimonials being together biography and history and are interlinked with the evolution of humanity and its diversification over time. The repository will also operate as an educational tool as it can offer depth to History lessons and develop students' critical thinking - a key pillar in 21st Century Education.
To carry out the project of the collection of oral testimonies, the Library will cooperate with cultural institutions, local associations under the auspices of the Municipality as well as individuals who will contribute to the acquisition of primary material.
The database that will be created will adhere to international standards, ensuring the interconnection and compatibility with other repositories of cultural content both nationally and worldwide. The aim of the project is the continuous enrichment of the collection in perpetuity.
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