2nd Chance School of the Trikala Detention Center Book Club: video conference with the author Yannis Kalpouzos

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Tuesday, August 31, 2021 - 11:00 to 12:30
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All Levels
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On Tuesday, August 31, the Book Club of the 2nd SDE of 2nd Chance School of the Trikala Prison will have the pleasure to host the much-loved author Yannis Kalpouzos. The shocking, original and existential novel of the author "Saos, Pantomime of ghosts" is the work under discussion. The effect of fear on the human soul, the changes in people's behavior in a dystopian environment, harsh truths and choices that lead to destruction or redemption, are some of the elements that make this novel extraordinary.
The ingenious plot of the work aroused the interest of the members who wanted to study it, to express opinions and thoughts and to discuss with the creator himself issues that he touches and cauterizes with his pen.
We thank Psychogios Publications for the generous donation of copies to the Reading Club, as well as Mr. Kalpouzos for his participation.
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