Crime in Literature

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Thursday, January 30, 2020 - 18:30 to 20:00
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Level 1
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The Library in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Crime (CESC) will hold an event on "Crime in Literature."
The Vice Chairman of KDK, Mr. Apostolos Eliopoulos (Adjunct Professor at Stratford and IGlobal Universities, Director of Information Technology at the City of Philadelphia, PA) and the Vice President of the Board of Directors of CESC. Fotios Spiropoulos, Ph.D. (Attorney for the Supreme Court - Criminologist, Criminologist) will deliver greetings.
Speakers of the event will be:
Anastasia Chalkia, Ph.D. (Secretary General of the Board of Directors of CESC)
Martha Lembesi (Criminologist, Director of CESC - "Criminology between Literature and Social Reality")
Yiannis Panoussis (Emeritus Professor of Criminology - "Criminology and Police Novel")
Dionysis Chionis (Lawyer at the Supreme Court, Criminologist, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CESC - "The Crime in the Work of Nikos Kavvadia")
Ms Evangelia Androulaki (Lawyer for the Supreme Court - Criminologist) will coordinate the speech. A discussion with the audience will follow.
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High Definition Video Projectors
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