Online Concert with Musician Alex Eliopoulos and Stargazing

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Thursday, July 23, 2020 - 21:00 to 23:30
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On Thursday, July 23, there will be an online concert held at the backyard of the Library by Occult Stereo, a solo/open-collaboration music project from Alex Eliopoulos that embraces aural freedom in a multitude of forms. OS combines experimental, psychedelic, and art rock influences in fresh & spontaneous ways.

Live sets mix song compositions with free improvisation. Guest appearances by other musicians/friends are not unheard of. Occult Stereo's first album/release "Plasma" will be out later in 2020. It features improvisational collaborations with other musicians locally & across the globe.

Currently based out of San Francisco, California (USA), Alex is a guitarist of 25 years and a multi-instrumentalist. He combines electric, acoustic, and electronic sounds through a blend of instrumentation: guitar, bass, bouzouki, keyboards, and vocals + loops/samples.


Weather permitting, astronomical observations will be made in parallel with the Library's telescope. The image of the starry sky and the planet Jupiter will be displayed live to the public on a screen in the backyard, always observing the rules of social distancing.
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High Definition Video Projectors
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