Online Presentation of Maria Tzirita's New Book (Watch here: HTTPS://US02WEB.ZOOM.US/J/82104686166)

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Thursday, February 11, 2021 - 18:30 to 20:00
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All Levels
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On Thursday, February 11, the presentation of the new book Under the Apple Tree by Maria Tzirita will take place in collaboration with the Psychogios Publishing House.

A few words about the book: The day Paola invited her niece Naia to her house to open her heart, she also opened Pandora's box for their whole family. What he revealed to her, as she unfolded the story of her life, seduced the unsuspecting girl like a wild wave and changed her own life forever. Secrets well hidden for many years came to light, but brought darkness to Naia's soul. It will now be up to her to prove that the apple does not always fall under the apple. But how easy is that? How will the young girl manage to escape from the past and from the curse that haunts her family? The true story of three women, from three different generations, comes to teach us in a shocking way that there is always hope to escape our destiny and make our lives exactly the way we want it and deserve it.

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