Educational Programs


Kalambaka Library provides nursery, primary, and elementary students with educational robotics programs to broaden their skills and familiarize them with scientifical and technological developments.

3D Scanning and Printing

The Library’s technological equipment collection was reinforced with a 3D printer and a 3D scanner in 2021.


The Library owns a modern tool for celestial bodies’ observation. It is 10 inches aperture catadioptric telescope -powerful and highly precise- which is accessible to all ambitious amateur astronomers and astrophotographers.


The Library’s microscope incorporates many innovations to provide extremely interesting samples observation, ensuring vivid and natural colors.

New Technologies

New technologies workshops are related to various fields, such as basic computer and mobile devices skills, and internet tools and services.

Communication in English Language

The educational program Children’s English Reading Club is for preschool children (3-5) and school children (6-12). The educational program Basic Communication Skills in English is provided for adults, adjusted to the participants’ needs.  


Communication in French Language

The educational program Children’s French Reading Club is addressed to primary school children. The educational program Basic Communication Skills in French for Adults is addressed to beginners and advanced students who want to enhance their knowledge.

Arduino Lab

Electronic applications and educational robotics workshop with the use of Arduino board aim at teenagers and adults who want to experiment with programming and electrical circuits, and gain knowledge.

Book Club

The Club aims to support social needs, such as dialogue and entertainment, and members can exchange ideas so that reading becomes part of personal and social life.