Guided Τours

Scheduled guided tours take place οn the Library premises, for groups of students, members of associations/corporations/bodies or even individuals.

The tours always take place during the Library working hours and include an informative tour of all its levels, with reference to the technological infrastructure and services it provides as well as the possibility, upon request, of additional activity – educational, artistic activity on the interactive board and induction to the Library services.


  • Guided tour-Tour in the Library premises and technologies. Duration 30 min
  • Guided tour and induction to the Library services (includes educational programs such as the use of the electronic catalogue and the Library’s and sources of information). Duration 45 min
  • Guided tour and activity on the interactive board (use of educational applications on the Interactive Whiteboard). Duration 45 min
  • Guided tour and artistic activity (use of handicrafts and constructions). Duration 45 – 120 min

The guided tour request can be arranged:

a) via the Library website by filling the form Guided Tour Request

b) by presence at the Library Information Desk or

c) via telephone.

The person concerned should state the date of the guided tour as well as the details required, a week (5 working days) prior to its performance.

At the end of the Guided Tour the relevant form is filled out necessary for the constant improvement of the Library operations.