1. Library members that hold a Library Card and for whom overdue material or outstanding fines are not in abeyance, have the right to borrow library material, except Limited Access Material, to which special rules apply as provided here below.
  2. Users may ask to reserve one item to be held for 2 days. Users may ask to queue for one item that is on loan. Priority is established on a first come basis.
  3. Loan period
    Loan periods and borrowing limits are established as follows:
    1. Educators can borrow educational packages for one (1) week without the right of renewal.
    2. Teaching aids are not for loan.
    3. All other users can borrow up to three (3) books at the same time, for fifteen (15) days and allowed to renew for an additional fifteen (15) days if there is no user in queue.
  4. Library Users may lose their borrowing privileges if they fail to return materials on the due date.